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Introducing David Powers and InMotionEquine, your premier destination for Equine Osteopathy in London and The Home Counties. With over 25 years of expertise as a Human and Equine Osteopath, David has treated 10,000 horses, specializing in addressing common concerns related to the general wellbeing of your horse.

Enter the Optimal Horse Program, a unique offering born from David’s extensive experience, tailored to bring you peace of mind, ensure your horse’s comfort, and amplify your enjoyment of the equestrian sport. Serving Bucks, Essex, Hertfordshire, London, and Surrey, our dedication to personalized care and convenient appointments forms the foundation for a harmonious partnership between you and your equine companion.

Equine Osteopathy

A horse’s overall wellbeing is the third common concern faced by owners.

Optimal Horse Program

Embark on a transformative journey with the Optimal Horse Program, meticulously crafted by David Powers. Drawing from 25 years of practice and the successful treatment of 10,000 horses, this bespoke program is designed to put you at ease, prioritize your horse’s comfort, and enhance your overall enjoyment of the equestrian experience.

Stage 1

Initial Consultation for Horse
Follow-up: Rider Osteopathy Initial Consultation
2nd Follow-up Session
Equine Osteopathy

In Stage 1 of the Optimal Horse Program, clients undergo three sessions, with a total cost of £269, covering the initial consultation for the horse. These sessions are spaced over two-week intervals and are meticulously crafted to address various aspects of equine well-being. During the initial consultation, David conducts a thorough assessment, encompassing case history, examination, and prognosis, ensuring clients are well-informed and prepared for their horse’s journey towards optimal health and performance.

Stage 2

Follow-up: Rider Osteopathy
4 Week Follow-up: Equine Consultation
6 Week Follow-up: Equine Consultation

In Stage 2 of the Optimal Horse Program, clients undergo three sessions, with a total cost of £245, in addition to travel expenses. This stage includes a rider osteopathy follow-up session and two equine consultations scheduled four and six weeks apart. Each session is meticulously designed to monitor progress and ensure the ongoing well-being and optimal performance of both the rider and the horse.

Stage 3

2 Sessions and Rehab Plan
2 x Follow-up after 8 Weeks
4 Week Rehab Plan

Stage 3 of the Optimal Horse Program comprises two sessions along with a personalized rehabilitation plan, aimed at promoting optimal health and performance. Additionally, two eight-week follow-up equine consultations ensure ongoing assessment and progress monitoring. The rehabilitation plan spans four weeks, providing tailored support to address specific needs. The total cost for Stage 3 amounts to £225, excluding any applicable travel expenses. This stage ensures comprehensive support for both horse and rider, facilitating continued improvement and optimal well-being.

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