Unless you fix yourself, you'll never fix your horse...

Most equine biomechanical issues are due to the rider, so address the real problem!


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What You Get:

FREE Equine Biomechanics Specialist prescribed exercises

Better Position, Better Horse.

Rider Biomechanics Expert with over 20 years experience.

Owner of long established NW London Clinic.

Over 40 years in the horse world.


Customers reviews

David has been seeing my horse since we purchased him and his insight into how Dino is moving or what soreness or tightness he might have is invaluable to ensuring we're keeping our schooling progress on the right track.
Ruth Chapple
What can I say, I had David out to see my older boy and after his treatment he was not as tight though his back, it was like riding a different horse. Thanks David see you soon 👏🏻
Melanie Bance
Fantastic work, my beautiful mare was head shaking at random time's, after treatments from David Powers, and lots of fantastic advice and exercises to progress with, my mare was happy again, highly recommended , also worked on my old ex race horse who had many problems, now he a happy boy who loves to be ridden again x fantastic service and always available to give advice!
Penny Gibson

A Balanced Rider makes a Happier Horse.


Rider Analysis

Full Assessment.

Lean Screen

Anthropometric analysis.


Posture Screen

Including Movement Screen.


Exercise Prescription.

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