Unless you fix yourself, you'll never fix your horse...

Most equine biomechanical issues are due to the rider, so address the real problem!

What You Get:

FREE Equine Biomechanics Specialist prescribed exercises

Better Position, Better Horse.

Rider Biomechanics Expert with over 20 years experience.

Owner of long established NW London Clinic.

Over 40 years in the horse world.


Customers reviews

What can I say, I had David out to see my older boy and after his treatment he was not as tight though his back, it was like riding a different horse. Thanks David see you soon 👏🏻
Melanie Bance
Can't thank David enough for all he has done for my little mare, she is rideable and happy now 🙂 he explains everything in detail, and the exercises for her and me are a brilliant help and keep us on track until the next visit! I was ready to retire Beauty before David started treating her (shes only young but she wasnt coming right) now have a happy horse and very happy owner.
Becky Fox
I have been using David's services for over 15 years and he has treated many of my horses with great results. Most recently a horse I purchased who was very 'wonky'. He told me she was very tight in the left side of her pelvis and this explained to me a lot of her resistance in ridden work. Since treating her we can now pick up canter leads on both reins and she is moving so much more freely.
Susan Coade

A Balanced Rider makes a Happier Horse.


Rider Analysis

Full Assessment.

Lean Screen

Anthropometric analysis.


Posture Screen

Including Movement Screen.


Exercise Prescription.

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